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My nephew spent last summer working as a franchise owner for College pro. The entire program is a ripoff for the kids. The only one who makes money is college pro. Kids have to pay a 24% royalty of gross sales back to college pro. They charge the kids for all materials at exhorbitant rates. They hold meetings and make the kids pay for the meeting room, hotel, etc. My nephew worked his tail... Read more

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They are better sales people than they are painters. They bring a seasoned veteran with them and that guys does most of the talking, then when you sign the deal the head painter shows up and brings some snot nosed kids with them. They didn't scrape my house, didn't power wash anything, they simply painted over existing paint. When I asked why the answer I got was "my power washer is broken and... Read more

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- Showed up a month late - Painted half of my fence a deep, dark brown instead of the transparent cedar color we wanted. - Was promised by the regional manger that they would fix it. - They used the right color on the deck but never fixed the fence. - Started working with them in May and eventually had to do it myself in October because the weather was getting cold. - Never got my deposit back. -... Read more

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DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. The paint looks like it washed off the house. They promised to come back numerous times but either no showed or just splashed a little paint around and did not correct the problems. They are just a bunch of college kids who are nice enough but are not professional and have no supervision. You are welcome to come by my house to see the type of job they do. call... Read more

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I hired these guys because of the sales pitch but I was taken in. They said they would stay until I was satisfied. Man talk about be taken to the cleaners my grandson could have done a better job. They also painted part of the house in the rain and got paint everywhere and then took off. What a mess they left behind. I would NEVER use this company and suggest you also walk away. In the years I... Read more

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I have been waiting for over six month for "college pro" to come back to repaint my walls that have "feathered paint strokes" (not enough paint on the roller) looks horrible to be a so called professional paint job for the price I was charged. I have sent several emails and tried to reach by phone to "Kevin Rutter" of Columbus Ohio and got nothing but revised dates. Very poor customer... Read more

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(1) Missing some real basics in business 101. No call, no show to bid the job two times by the owner who blamed scheduing software each time... yet was more than 20 min late for the third appointment. I found a failure to accept responsability and or accountability at almost every level over basic things like missing spots with paint. When on the job the supervisor was also a no call no show, a... Read more

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I will,second a lot of the negative reviews.No,experiance is the biggest problem and an obvious attempt to skimp on materials.As a builder for 35 years i tried two Colleage Pro painters for interior exterior and both did a miserable job,didnt complete and tried to,charge more.They have no,clue of how to do a good job. Add comment

Very poor communication and quality. Two months of painting and job still not completed. Finally told crew leader to leave paint so I could complete the job myself. College Pro of Rapid City, SD, is a franchise, and a call to parent offices was met with non concern. Simply referred back to crew who had not completed job. Would not recommend services in any way, shape, or form. Add comment

I contracted in June for my trim to be painted. I was told it would be done no later than the first week of August. The College Pro crew finally showed up the last week of August. I was apparently the last job of the summer. Their brushes were completely useless and stiff as a board. I did a lot of painting while in college myself as a summer worker for an oil company so i know what is good work... Read more

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