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College Pro painters do NOT prep the surface prior to painting and then claim the warranty doesn't cover decks or steps. I have people come to my house and ask if my granddaughter painted our steps - the entry to our home. I am quick to let them no it was College Pro. They also did not call us to tell us when they were coming to paint, even though they said they would. And, I called to complain about the painting and was told I would get a... Read more

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I will never ever use them again. The unnamed person was completely out of his element. I don't know what College Pro Painters use for a vetting process, but the worker didn't have clue when it came to repainting our deck. He told us he was going to scrape and sand the deck. Then prime and finish paint. I came home and he was half done with the primer. That in itself is incredible as he was just painting over bubbles in the old paint. Never... Read more

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Three College Pro Painters finished my house in three days. The first day they scraped off all lead paint. The second day they primed the wood siding with white oil stain. On the third day they used a paint sprayer and Cut and sprayed the whole house. They finished touch ups and left with no traces. I couldn't tell they were here because my yard was cleaner than I leave it! One of the painters took some before and after photos. My house... Read more

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College Pro Painters is a freaking scam. This woman was a franchisee, who got screwed over. My boss (also a franchisee) screwed me over big time. She lured me in by saying I would start out at 10.50, but become a job site manager and make $13.00 per hour. I ended up making $9.25 an hour because they set a time budget that you could never beat as an inexperienced painter and then penalize you for it by cutting your wages. How are 2 or 3 people,... Read more

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Used two different crews over 3 years. Overall horrible preperation on my deck. Came back did some warranty work. Have called again for help. No response. Not professional, bad planning and management skills. Do not use.

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Same thing happened to me about the signing a contract and now they wont get back to me. I guy I signed a contract moved away and said he would have a guy that took over my area call me and now I cant get ahold of anyone. They took my deposit and ran. Would not recommend them to anyone. I don't post comments on websites but they made me so mad. Not professional and its sad when I haven't even made it to the painting step yet. Got another painter... Read more

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The wood on my deck was DESTROYED when the kids decided to crawl around and scrape off patches of old paint with a razorblade. I've had three college pro "higher ups" here to lookat the disgusting mess. All agree they are at fault. 14 Months later...still no refund or repair. SHAMEFUL.

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Three weeks still a no-show. Called two contact numbers, not including company number. No return phone calls. Contact's address appears to be a smoke shop and vapor lounge. Interesting, if true. Weather has been perfect. No excuse for not at least calling back. They have my deposit and promised $50 for the sign on my lawn (been there for over two months). Just sent a letter to corporate. Let's see what happens. So far it's just been a... Read more

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This is the biggest group of scam artists I have ever heard of. They go into schools recruiting young kids, promising them great business experience for their education. They make it seem like a school program where they teach you to run a business for the summer, with mentors the guide you along the way. They trick you into signing an agreement to run your own franchise. YOUNG KIDS RUNNING THEIR OWN FRANCHISE WITH NO EXPERIENCE WHAT SO EVER!... Read more

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I used College Pro service almost ten years ago. The paint job that was done was not professional at all. The painters that came to my house I do not think they were college students. I expressed my concern with the person that wrote the invoice and I paid. He at one time said that I was expecting too much. For the amount of money that I paid I did expect professional work.It took weeks for the person that I paid and signed with to come back and... Read more

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