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Update by user Nov 19, 2012

UPDATE from JACKSON, MI: I did get a visit from the Division Manager (Michigan) over the weekend. He toured the house and agreed that the quality of work was not up to College Pro Painters standards.

Because of the weather, they are not able to correct the windows until spring but he did put me in *** for contact as soon as weather permits. The really good news is that the 2-year warantee will extend to the new owners once we (hopefully!) sell the house. The Division manager provided confirmation of the contact *** and warantee via email after his visit. This has been a frustrating experience but I am very appreciative of the attention given this.

For those entering into a contract, my advice is to keep on top of the painters.

The guy who was hired in Jackson, MI brought his girlfriend (she did the windows) and he did not quality check her work.

Due to the nature of how the company works, I am not surprised that occasionally there is a \"bad egg.\" If you have issues, report to the manager ASAP. In my case, though there is still work to be done, the managers seem to be very much in my corner on the quality issue.

Original review posted by user Nov 15, 2012

I hired College Pro Painters to for some exterior work on my house to prep for sale. The job included my soffit, some beams underneath a carport, and 10 exterior windows. Per the contract, there was to be "full scrape" and sanding of the sites to prep for painting. The windows had several old layers of paint and caulk (fairly thick) and it was peeling so badly that in some spots you could scrape it off just by using your hand (in other words, it would be pretty easy to get it off). I was incredulous when I was told they could complete the entire job in just a few days (over a couple of weeks, due to the painter's school schedule) but the manager assured me it could be done, no problem.

The local contractor who did the job was highly recommended by the CPP manager and I was told that he (painter) would have a helper with him, which would speed up the job. The "helper" turned out to be his wife or girlfriend. When they finally finished and I had the chance to tour the results, I wanted to puke. The beams under the carport were adequate. Did he do a "full scrape?" Not a chance. But, it looked better than before and other than a little sloppy paint in the corners on the wood ceiling of the carport, it looked okay. The soffit was a little sloppy too but again, not horrible.

The windows, however, were another story. I can't even begin to describe how bad they looked. THere was absolutely no scraping done, zero sanding. Imagine a window, the kind with smaller panes framed by wood. Now imagine a kindergartner was let loose with a pail of plaster and that's about what I got. There were bare spots (bare wood) all over the panes, paint and caulk splattered on and not smooth, not neat at all, and tons of caulk/paint on the glass itself. Three windows were painted shut. Really, really poor work, not professional at all. All those old layers of paint and caulk had merely gotten a new layer slathered on top and not a clean one at that.

I immediately texted the manager. To his credit, he came right over. He agreed the windows were a mess and promised to fix them. He said it was easy to fix. After he spoke with the painter guy, he blamed it on the girlfriend ("she did the windows"). Apparently the painter guy didn't inspect her work. Unfortunately, the painter guy was the only one in the area available so we had to bring him back. I expected that he would go back and actually do the "full scrape" and sanding as per contract. But that did not happen. He just slapped more paint and caulk on. After a few hours work, there was slight improvement on a few windows but still looked like a preschool project. I was truly floored that anyone would look at that and think "professional job."

The manager then said he would come himself and fix it. He gave it a valiant effort, I will give him that. But still looks like ***. At that point...really, after two new coats of fresh paint and caulk...there was little he could do to make it acceptable short of stripping all of the windows with a chemical ***. After two months of back and forth I was just done with it. We debated back and forth a bit and he finally did give me a discount in the end. I still shelled out several hundred dollars for a paint job that might actually cost me a sale on my house. The manager contended to the end that they had never intended to do a "full scrape" even though it was clearly stated in the contract.

I was looking at one of the windows just yesterday and realized that there was a paint color discrepancy (two shades of white). Please do yourself a favor. If you think you will save money with College Pro Painters, you are kidding yourself. I realize some people may have had success, but in my experience you are taking a huge risk.

Review about: College Pro Painters Painting.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Pleasanton, California, United States #1187331

Hey, I have seen a mentally deficient monkey and an elephant who paints with his nose do a better job of painting than that. Are you sure you did not type something wrong and get College Drunk painters instead.

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