I was a franchise manager for College Pro Painters. They push you to run a huge business and work your butt off, but once you start production you realize that you are going to be making only a fraction of what you work so hard for.

Not to mention they even steal some of your money if you don't find them someone to take their place. This company doesn't train it's employees properly on things such as safety and how to actually paint a house. Student painters are exposed to extremely dangerous situations that they are not trained for. NOT A GOOD COMPANY.

PYRAMID SCHEME!!! Shame on you College Pro Painters for your greed as a company and for exploiting college students.

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I just saw this. You guys are a soft.

Also look up pyramid scheme.

Did you read your FDT? If you’re naive enough to sign something without reading it, you deserve to learn from it.-John brown, former franchisee (for 7 years, made well over 6 figs)


If you're all so proud to sing the praises of college pro, I invite you to share with the class what exactly it is you do for a living today, as well as some credentials.

Issaquah, Washington, United States #597098

I am assembling the best lawyers in Seattle for a class action lawsuit against college pro painters. As a past Senior Franchise Manager, I have seen and witnessed everything and am now ready to take it to court. Anyone who have suffered from this scam, please send me an email (dtk5@uw.edu) and I will pass it off to the lawyers.



to Daniel K Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States #613913

Good for you, Daniel. College Pro deserves to be taken to court.

They abuse hard working students by trapping them for summers at a time, threatening to fine them thousands of dollars for seeing reason in their business plan.

The company doesn't give a rat's *** about their employees who work tirelessly to make a fraction of what they truly deserve hourly. There are no "franchise managers," only wide-eyed, naive young adults being micromanaged, an expendable pawn in the college pro regime.


College Pro Painters

Was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Between the business experience and the life lessons each and every franchisee definitely gets more then they bargain for. That being said it is one of the toughest challenges out there for a young entrepreneur. Similar to Mike H, I am now entering my 3rd year running a business for 2011 2012. I am in Edmonton Alberta.

In my opinion things to expect from college pro if your planning on being a franchisee is a growth and financial opportunity. BUT AN OPPORTUNITY. They don't hand out the $100 bills or coddle you. its your job to look out, listen, learn and grow your business. The company is incredibly transparent just find someone within the program and ask.




College Pro Painters is NOT a pyramid scheme, and anyone accusing them of being a pyramid scheme simply does not understand what that means.

College Pro Painters IS THE HARDEST THING YOU WILL EVER DO. It is not easy and they do not ever say it is going to be easy. They tell you up front how much money they will take, because they teach you how to run a business successfully.

I have ran a college pro franchise for two years now, in 2011 and 2012 in Saskatoon, SK. I knew it was going to be hard but I persevered and eventually succeeded through all the troubles that any young entrepreneur faces.

Notice how anyone who posts negative comments on College Pro Painters does not leave their names - it's because they don't want you to know that they themselves were the only reason for their failure. They failed because either they could not be held accountable for their goals and actions, and did not follow through with the plan that was set for them by the General Managers.

I have profited over $100,000 in two summers with College Pro. I am not anything special, I just worked my butt off and happened to be confident in myself. And hey, it paid off.

If anyone wants to get ahold of me about my experience, email me mikegh(a)shaw.ca, or look me up on LinkedIn.

to Michael Gore-Hickman Portage, Indiana, United States #613925
Notice how anyone who posts positive comments on College Pro Painters does leave their name? It is because they are snobby, suck-ups who have been brain-washed by College Pro to think that running a business is hard work.

Sure there it has its obstacles, but being fully rewarded for your work makes it worth-while. The difference between you and me is that I saw past what College Pro had told me I could make and identified how much I actually should be making, and the difference is phenomenal.

You may have "happened to be confident" in yourself, but I happen to be confident you are a fool for lying to yourself and believing College Pro is a promising endeavor. :grin

LOL you are all *** for putting yourself in that situation. I was hired by them recently and yes they expose to....

huh Yes Painting, and YES, climbing ladders. Your dumb for not taking control of your life and expecting someone else to take care of you.

That is the entire point of College Pro. TO LEARN!

to Zebra Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States #613924

TO LEARN... how *** you have to be to work for College Pro.

No one is complaining about climbing ladders and certainly not painting (this is a painting company after-all, and a vast majority of individuals are not as close-minded as you and recognize that.) I pity you for how brain-washed you have become to accept that this position is anything close to being worth-while... and you are right by arguing against College Pro "tak[ing] care of you." In fact, they care very little about your well being. They want you to run a successful business FOR THEM while they sit back and claim a hefty sum of your profit. I hope that one day you will see past their scam and eventually earn what you deserve.

I assume that you are just another dumb kid who is desperate for the experience and doesn't know any better..?

Hear me out, I worked four jobs this summer in the course of two weeks and make as much as I would have over an entire summer with college pro. Grow up.


wow collegepro definately is only in this make money for themselves, they dont care about students or thier customers and agreed they really do steal money from the students i ran a collegepro window cleaning business one summer and it was the worst summer of my life

to sienna #1560805

Complete ripoff and scam. Hire a professional painter to teach you to estimate and produce work. Run your own company and bank the 30% these *** charge for their "system" Thank me later Kev

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