I paid over $5,000 for a paint job on my one-level home that is the worst paint job I have ever seen. They did not tape the windows and slopped paint all over them.

The paint (less than a month later) is already bubbling and will begin peeling as soon as the rains hit. I've tried calling my rep many times with no call back.

I'm going to try the corporate level but from what I'm reading, I don't expect to have any luck. Any idea where we can report these frauds so that others might avoid them?

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i payed to have a job done at my house by college pro and i ask them not to use black calck to fill my cracks but the porch monkeys wipped their black calck out and filled every nook and crany. all i wanted was some clean looking white calck


I signed a contract with a franchise manager to have my house stained. That was in May.

I called him numerous times after paying an initial payment of $303 with a balance of over $3,000. I spoke to him once and that was it. No response. E-mailed College Pro Painters where I explained the situation and was told that the franchise manager would contact me within 48 hrs.

Two e-mails later still nothing. Guess it's just a scam and I've been taken and they're off with my $303.


Paula, a company ***, gets on this board and takes swipes at someone's grammar.

Wasting time online...not trying to run a good company...advancing the scam of this terrible company.

College Pro Painters are truly horrible!


How can you say they don't return your phone calls? I would recommend calling the company rather than the individual franchisee.

They have a service centre that's opened all year round. that can be reached at 1-800-32-PAINT.

And no offense to you Mike, but I'm surprised anyone hired you to begin with. Based off the poor grammar and spelling in your little rant, you come off as nearly illiterate.


I had the exact same experience. House is now bubbling after only 3 months. They now don't return my phone calls.


i was a painter for college pro painters and they are not worried about nothing but the money.i was hired on and was told there would be more work than i got.they were paying me $9.00 an hour which is rediculass my franchise manger had o contractors license they tried to screw me out of over $100 i had to tell him after three weeks of asking for my money that i would not be doing another job until i got paid up.than he fired me.so i asked him where my check is for the work i did over the table for him,i should get it in 48 hours and he tried to say "I didnt fire you,I just have no painting work for you,but i need someone to hang fliers". he did that to screw with me and i thretend him with the BBB and he did a 360 real quick i had my money 3 days later and the $100+ for the warranty work i did.i would also like to add the fact that the warranty work that i did,the warranty was almost up my boss told me to make the home owner happy until that date fortunantly i was fired before i was made to do a *** job.my ending thoughts DO NOT WORK OR HAVE WORK DONE BY COLLEGE PRO PAINTERS. :upset :(

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