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My child, a 3rd year university student is out of province and has just started at this company. Their thinking was as an experienced painter it would be a decent job working with peers for decent money.

Now I'm concerned after hearing from my student different aspects of the work involved and more so from reading reviews of past students and customer reviews. The pay rate is $12.00/hour, not $18-$20, as has been stated in some reviews. I've read student reviews saying that their pay rate went down if they were over budget and most times they were due to underestimation of the work and materials. The days are very long sometimes without breaks which isn't their issue they've worked in extreme conditons before, it's my issue as the summer approaches and it's just not right or necessary.

More concerning however is lack of safety measures and training for safety issues i.e. climbing a ladder 3-4 storeys carrying equipment and paint no tie off or harnessing. Concerning when getting a job done quickly and corners are cut safety wise and lack of sustainance/breaks, that's when accidents and injuries happen. With lack of pay stubs and T4's I fear were something to happen to a student on site it'll be put to blame on their own shoulders.

I also just don't want my students' name associated with poor workmanship, and unethical company practices. Mine isn't a quitter and I don't step into what's not my place, and mine is an adult now, but I'm not impressed.

Not at all. I may need to speak up.

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I'm sorry you have to feel this way. From what I read, I take it your "student" is your child.

I obviously cannot help your situation personally but as a mother and as a 3rd year franchise owner for College Pro Painters I want to tell you that not all franchises are the same. I feel for you, I would never want to worry about my child. Clearly there are some undertrained franchise owners out there, but there are many more amazing ones! I personally pay my crews a base rate of $11/hr, yes College Pro does do a piece-rate pay system meaning they work on a budget and if the crews go over they get paid less according to how many hours over budget they go, on the flip side if they beat the budget they get a nice bonus; I tried this my first year, I did what I was trained and dropped the pay or bonused my Painters as recommended and I'll tell you what, I hated it.

Piece-rate pay is great for highly skilled professionals because at their level they'll almost always beat budget; but College Pro Painters hires students, inexperienced untrained kids, so I now pay a base rate of $11.00 per hour and no less, no matter what. But I still offer the bonus if my crews beat their budgets. On average my guys are making about $17.00 per hour because I've trained them well and because they're beating the budgets. Last week for example, my JSM (makes $13) and the painters (make $11) painted 110 hours of work in 65 man hours!

Needless to say my crews received their checks earlier today and were super happy to receive a several hundred dollar bonus!! So, what I'm getting at is: it is like Subway, there are several I refuse to eat at, they have bad customer service, and my experience is never good; but then there are also a handful of Subway's I love; the owners are friendly, I am always taken care of properly and the experience is good.

I'm definitely not defending the owner that your child works for, but just trying to say that not everyone runs their business the same. I am really sorry you have to deal with what you are, and I hope it is resolved.

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