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3 years ago I needed some painting done. These folks cold called me, the fellow at the door was pleasant and asked if I'd like an estimate.

Sure, turned out someone else had to come to do that. This person showed up and proceed to give me this weird list of things I had to do which involved me coming outside showing him what needed to be done, then going inside and waiting and then outside and a few other stipulations. Frankly was just strange, I don't take well to being told what to do and how to act with people on my property and told hime I wasn't interested any longer. Now about 2 months ago I have started to get calls telling me that I asked for a estimate x years ago and did I get me house painted?

In every case I've asked them to not call me again, I would never hire their company to do anything.

Yet the calls continue dispite my blocking the numbers. These people are little more than scam artists, don't let them anywhere near your house or your life!

Product or Service Mentioned: College Pro Painters House Painting Estimate.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'm sorry you're dealing with the repeated calls. That is never okay.

As a 3rd year franchise owner for College Pro Painters, I'd like to help you get your name off their call list. First though I will explain why you keep getting calls- so every year (if a franchise owner doesn't return) a new franchise owner is brought on. They are given a list of names a mile long from people who have either been a "lead" or been a "previous customer" they are then trained in gathering leads and to many, calling old leads is a quick generator or names. Sometimes it works.

I have had success with it. But when a franchise owner is brand new they are just doing what they're trained, completely unaware that they can actually put your name on a "DNC" (do not call) list. Most franchisees simply cross your name off on the list and don't update the file in the computer, frankly because they don't know how (yet). Not saying it's okay, but just giving a little perspective.

Anyway, I'm going to guess that you will receive more calls in the future generally sometime between March and May. If you do not want to be called any more, you can call the corporate office and request to be changed to "do not call".

I would offer to do it for you but considering I would need your name and some form of identifying information to find you in the system, that would be pretty unprofessional and dangerous online. So if you want, the corporate number is easy, it is 1-800-32-paint

I hope this helps resolve your issue.

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