I was hired by College Pro for summer work. I need to pay for my apartment at school.

I work 1 1/2 days and have not worked since. The guy who hired me kept trying to put me off saying "Oh I don't have anything right now". And getting a text every night telling you where your next job is. How do you plan anything.

If you have job set up then you should know where your crews should be in advance. I wish I would have found this website sooner before I decided to become employed by this company. I am scrambling to find another summer job, but it is already June 17th.

Still waiting for my paycheck. Now I have No money and NO job!

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I too quit after 2 days and I wish I wouldve researched more. what a nightmare... disgusting how they're not above scamming college kids who already work their butt off.


Yeah I ended up quitting last week. Franchisee was just horrible.

So unorganized. Its been the worst hassle to try & get my paystubs/having to redo a safety test. WORST company/experience I've ever worked for. The pay IS soo messed up too.

The franchisee NEVER quoted properly so we were ALWAYS way overbudget therefore making minimum wage while working your butt off. SOO not impressed by any means.

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