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To begin with, I would just like to put a disclaimer out there and say that your experience with College Pro Painters may have been different, however, in my findings, I see it happening almost everywhere and all the time.

In late June, early July, I started working for College Pro Painters as a painter. Almost no one around me was hiring, and I heard about this job from a friend, so I figured why not? To start off with, the franchisee was 15 minutes late to my interview. I found this surprising since he told me to be at the interview at 7 pm sharp, or he wouldn't even interview me. This should've put up red flags immediately for me, but I ignored them and proceeded into one of the worst jobs/scams I've encountered.

A few days after the interview, on a Saturday, I was told I was 'hired.' After I was hired I had to watch training videos. Pretty standard for any company, however, even CollegePro managed to mess this up. The training videos were around three hours long. They showed you everything you and a good painter would need to know how to do. I realized a problem with this though, there was no way I would be able to learn how to do everything within a three hour long video. You then have to take some *** test that even if you fail, they pretty much tell you the answers to the questions and let you pass. You say it's ok, do ya? It's ok because they'll give you real time training on a house? Wrong, but that's for later...

I was excited to start the job, albeit a little nervous. I've never painted before in my life. Monday rolls around, no work. Tuesday rolls around, no work. Wednesday, Thursday... no work. Friday, I was finally told there was 'work' to be done. I was excited to start training. However, that Friday there was no actual work, only 'marketing.' Marketing is something special.

"Marketing" is when the CollegePro painters go from house to house ringing door bells and asking people if they would like to get a free estimate on an exterior painting or something similar to that tune. Now, I understand this is essential for business to boom, but I have problem with two things: 1. The painters don't get paid to do this at all. You're supposed to get a 'bonus' of anywhere between 10-50 dollars if you get a person to sign up for a free estimate and then they actually hire CollegePro. However, there's a couple of problems with this. I've never heard of anyone getting a bonus for that, even though we're supposed to. Second, there's no accountability. So even if you did get a house to hire you guys, no one would know since (at least in my case) the manager never kept track. I'm assuming this was purposeful since that means more money out of his pocket. 2. I was never trained to do this at all. I was dropped in the middle of some suburb with two other painters, with this being my first day. We had to get 6 leads before we could go home. To put it in perspective, we got 2 leads and that was almost three hours in. The manager gave up and picked up after three hours in the very hot (95+) degree heat weather with no water.

After wasting gas getting to the suburb and back, I was disappointed since I made absolutely no money that day. No "real" training either, just free work for my manager. Next Monday comes around and no work. Tuesday I finally am sent to my first house to 'train'... for two hours. Whatever, I didn't care, I was working.

During the interview process I was told I was supposed to be in training for two weeks. Now, if he meant two weeks worth of work or just plain two weeks (whether or not there was work) is beyond me, but it doesn't matter. The first day I actually trained, more than a week after I was hired mind you, I trained for about a total of 30 minutes. I was told and trained in ladder safety, probably because they didn't want to get sued, and then showed how to caulk, scrape, and prime in a matter of minutes and then they put me to work right after. Don't get me wrong, I consider myself a fast learner of sorts, but there is NO WAY IN *** that after being shown how to do stuff for 5 minutes that I was able to do a professional (or anywhere near that) job. However, when the manager came over to me he said "That's a great job!" I'm sorry, but it just can't be true. After doing more caulking, scraping, and priming I am told what a good job I do and am told to leave for the day.

A few days pass and no work. I am finally given a job on Friday that is a supposed "10 hour job" with 2 other people. While we are at it, let's get into CollegePro's job estimate system.

When you hire CollegePro, the manager comes out to your house and gives you a "free estimate." In this estimate it tells him how many hours the house should take to get done (if you're Superman on crack, but whatever...) and also how much he should charge the homeowner. A 30 hour job should take a 3 man team (which is what it usually is, a 3 man crew for each house) 10 hours to get done. Pretty simple, right? Nope. Managers always, ALWAYS underestimate the amount of time that the house takes to get done. I've only completed about 1 house under the time because one of our "workers" didn't really count as a worker because he wasn't on payroll, officially. He was related to the manager some way or another, so his hours didn't count towards ours otherwise we would've been over our hours. Anyway, I should explain the pay system CollegePro has too while we're at it. CollegePro pays $9.50 an hour (at least in my case) if you are on time with the house, which means finished in the exact amount of time. Now, the pay differs if you go under or over the amount of time. Let's say you finish 5 hours over your time. You get minimum wage for the hours you worked. However, if you finish 5 hours under the time (which, as I explained before, almost never happens by the way) your pay per hour increases. In theory this means if you finish a 2 day house in 1 day, you could move on to a house the next day and get TONS of money!!! Now, as you may have guessed, that never happens. The most I've gotten in a single week is about 2 days worth of work, which is about 1 house. So even if I did finish it fast, I would just sit at home the next day with no work. There was hardly any benefit for the workers.

Back to the 10 hour job, we did scraping, caulking, and priming. All things I've been 'trained' in, but now comes painting, Actual painting about almost 2 weeks into my job. At CollegePro they use rollers and brushes. Neither have I really been trained in (besides the video). They literally handed me a brush and said "get to it." I feel bad for the mans house that we painted because I know I probably did a horrible job, left drip marks, etc. Oh, and that 10 hour job? It took us approximately 15 hours to do. What a surprise.

For the next 2-3 weeks I would get about 15-20 hours worth of work each week. Maybe a little less than what you would get at a normal part time job, however, this job was advertised as a 30-40 hours per week job. I also question whether or not I did a good job on the houses I did. After my training, I was constantly yelled at to go faster. The little quality I had in my work vanished because everyone was under so much pressure for time.The painters we're NEVER mindful of the area surrounding of the house. Even though the manager stressed it, no one followed it, including the manager. Everywhere we are supposed to scrape, prime, and paint we have to put drop cloths under so no paint gets on the floor below and no chipped paint gets on the floor either. This was never followed because of time constraints. We trashed many plants and flowers just to get to one spot and paint. We also never took roof safety into consideration. Although this was supposed to be "strictly followed," it hardly ever was. If we ever have to go on a roof higher than 6 ft. above the ground, we are supposed to wear a harness that catches us if we fall. No one ever sets up the harness so no one ever uses the harness. Although I didn't go on the roof much, the times I did, I felt very unsafe. I would've complained, but I didn't want to get fired.

Another thing, I usually didn't know I was working until the night before or even the morning of the day I was working. It was horrible, horrible management. Before I go on, do you see anything missing from my little rant? Did you notice I have not talked about getting a single cent? That's right folks, 4-5 weeks in, I still have not been given a paycheck. It gets better, though.

CollegePro's payroll system is utter ***, and I think it's on purpose, honestly. To understand why I have not gotten paid, you must understand the system. It's simple on the surface, but with so many steps, it makes it easy to not pay their employees. When you are hired by CollegePro, you are given an account on their website. This account has the training videos, all the tax forms you needs, and your payroll entry. In the payroll entry section you must enter all of your hours. Then you must approve that these are the right hours. Then your manager must approve those hours. However, before any of that happens, your manager must activate your account so you can enter your hours. My manager never activated my account. About 5 weeks in I asked him to activate it. It took him about 5 days for him to activate my account. It's so *** and definitely an unnecessary step. So then I enter my hours and approve them. This is late July by now, pretty recent, actually. However, he still hasn't approved my hours yet. I call him, text him, when am I going to get my paycheck, if he approved my hours for about 2-3 weeks. Yesterday, August 11th, is when he FINALLY approved my hours. I will probably have to wait a couple of weeks before I get my actual paycheck. I think what's worse is that he kept saying to me "Oh, you'll paycheck will come tomorrow" or "Your paycheck will come later this week." He lied to me. Just straight out lied to me. My family, to say the least, is very unhappy with him. 7-8 weeks of worth with no pay. I honestly can't believe it.

To be fair, I don't know if everything is entirely his fault. I've heard and read of managers getting completely screwed over by CollegePro, even some being out thousands of dollars by the end of summer because of all the fees they make the managers pay. Maybe he just doesn't have the money to pay me, I don't know. I can't really say since I don't know first hand. I also have heard of people getting bad paint jobs (what a surprise, again) and then getting no where when they complain to the company headquarters, which is horrible. I feel bad for these people.

I do know this, however, STAY AWAY FROM COLLEGEPRO AT ALL COSTS. Under trained employees that aren't paid well enough, mismanagement all over the place, shoddy business practices. I honestly don't know how this company got an A+ from the BBB. To put it bluntly, CollegePro exploits college students that are broke (like myself) by promising them "Painting. Summer. Fun. Money." It should be more like "Crappy paint job. Waste of a Summer. No fun. Never get paid or get paid like ***."

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Lansing, Michigan, United States #665367

My child has been working for this company for a few months and has trouble getting paid.I am now in the process of filing complaints with the Wage and Hour Bureau, I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, and will file small claims if needed.

It really is shame that young college students have to go through this. Companies like this will destroy our future workers.

My child does not have the finances to pursue this issue but I do.This company is a farce and should be put under.

New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada #639577

It sounds like you just sucked at painting.If you weren't being given many hours, it's probably because you were not very good, especially if it took you that long to finish a job.

It's not that hard to finish under budget, and it happens all the time.

Some people are just not good enough to keep up with the demands of physical labour.Try an office job next year?

to Kevin Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #665400

You sound like a worthless "franchisee" No one in this company know anything about any of it, my manager paced the yard and said "um $4000 to do 6 windows with trim" I think if you are wroking for college pro and you think it is so awesome, good luck to you, you will see. If you are a manager, I am sorry you are making it your life goal to work for this company. My advice to you, get a real job.

to lilly Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States #665410

^^^ that comment is to Kevin


Just as the Franchisee interviewed you guys about your personalities you should have done your own evaluation of them.My Franchisee manager was very ethical and treated her workers well.

Considering she attends a Christian school she may have upheld her values.Not to say Christians are better then Gentiles because they aren't; everyone is equal, but just be aware of the type of people you're working with or for of that matter.


It seems to me y'all just have 'poo butt' aka horrible Franchisee Managers. My Franchisee Manager took great care of us. Sucks for y'all.


My brother fell off the ladder while on a job and had to go to the hospital for his injuries.His manager asked him "do your parents have insurance?" Are you kidding me?

CPP is responsible if he's injured while working.

He's told me other stories.This company is a joke.


Is there a difference between "College Pro Painters" and "Student Painters" ? Same or different Franchise ? :?


Wish I could say my experience with College Pro was a great one...I chose College Pro because I really liked the franchise owner , the estimate was reasonable and the products used were high quality.I even called a couple of references which were positive, except now I realize none of the employees, manager or owner were the ones that were on those jobs.

First crew pressure washed in the late morning and when I arrived after lunch had painted the entire front of the house! I dont know much about painting but I did know that you need to wait longer than that after washing before painting especially on a north facing wall. That crew ended up getting let go... Next crew came and were very nice, hard working college kids, thought this would work out well.

After a day or two I realized that they did little to no prep, dripped paint on 3 decks, brick and worst of all the roof! I assumed that they had remedies for all of those mistakes and tried to keep my mouth shut. I am torn because I still really like the franchise owner, she is such a hard worker. I think her employees were rushing and took no attention to detail.

Unfortunately the only way to fix all of the roof stains is to replace large sections, patching is not an option. Now the roof estimate is double what it coat me to paint my house. We haven't figured out a solution yet. I am hopeful that College Pro's insurance will pay for the replacement roof.

I still believe in the concept of...

I hope our job is completed before it is too cold to paint and that the roofing/deck issues are also handled...I will post back when all is said and done.

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Got sucked into this scam in Toledo OH.Justin Giaimo took my deposit promising to paint my house.

After several missed deadlines I decided to cancel. Cannot get my deposit back.

Justin claims he washed my house (I do not see any evidence and even if he did this, it was after I canceled) and his "VP" Ty Ramsey ignores my calls.Nice business: collecting deposits and not doing work.

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