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My boyfriend was hired by college pro painters in March and was told they start in May, so he did not get another job and went back and finished school. When he started the 'trainer' told the three boys to check over each others work on the first day instead of him checking it over.

All week of training he sat in the van or took off and left the trainees at the house to work by themselves without getting any training. The Friday of the first week they stained a deck and the trainer told them he would do the touch ups because he wasn't wearing shoes that could possibly ruin the job so he made them go home. Sunday night my boyfriend texted the trainer and asked where the project was the net day and he replied saying that they will meet at a public place at noon instead. When asked why he replied that they made a mistake and he had to go back, you would think that he would of informed them about this but no he didn't until they asked.

They said they would of went backed and helped. Then he told them that he would have to retrain them in 2 weeks, so they were out of work for 2 weeks because he didn't do his job and train them properly the first time. He also said that he did not have enough work for both crews which is his job to do. He has also lied about their pay and has given them wrong information.

After my boyfriend told him he is not coming back, he still called me asking if he is coming back and when I said no he told me he was confused about what the issue was. I then texted him after asking for his boss' number and he said exactly "how about no." and then said "if you want to talk call me instead of your annoying messages", all I did was ask for his boss number and he reacted this way so I asked him to never contact either of us again and he kept texting me. This is so unprofessional and rude I could not even believe it.

I am getting in contact with the boss of the boss because when my boyfriend asked to speak with the trainers boss he said he would call him back and my boyfriend sent him a paragraph explaining what happened and he never answered or called again. Do not work for this company or get your house done.

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I have been working for College Pro Painters, in Cedar Rapids, for 3 weeks and have not been paid!!!! Apparently, my boss, Nate ??, is out of town & took the checks with him!!!

I wish I had the name or names of the head bosses cause I would SURELY be letting him know the deal!!

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