Signed a contract in April 2014 with what seemed like a nice, professional young man and gave them a deposit. Said they couldn't do the job until late June.

Late June came and I called to see when they'd be there. He said he was sorry, but they couldn't do the job because the back of the house was too high and it wasn't safe. So I asked if they could do the peaks on the front of the house and if it could be done SOON, since I had waited so long. He said they'd do it this Saturday or the next.

I called to check on Friday and, no, they couldn't do it Saturday. So he promised they'd do it the following Saturday. On Friday night he tells me it would be best if they didn't do the job at all. So I tell him to send someone with the deposit at 11:00 the next day.

Another young man arrived, an actual painter, and he asked why we cancelled the job because he was all ready to come that morning. What??? We don't have a clue what's going on with this company but they have real problems and don't really want the work. I found someone later that day who called me back in 30 minutes.

Came out for an estimate that same day and did a beautiful job for us just 2 days later. Don't waste your time with College Pro.

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